1973 Chevy Nova brought forth many news changes for the Chevy Nova. Although the car was still similar to those of the past, it was easy for buyers to see just how many changes were made. From the start, it is important to note that this car gained a two door hatchback model. Along with this, and more importantly, it also received a revised front bumper thanks to new mandates from the federal government.

When compared to the 1972 model, the wheelbase was unchanged. That being said, this car was a bit longer thanks to bigger bumpers. What was the point of the new bumpers, you may ask? The government decided that all cars needed five mile per hour front and rear bumpers. Also, the 1973 Chevy Nova was approximately 100 pounds heavier than its predecessor.

The SS option was still available in 1973, and it continued to be an upgrade that many buyers were interested in. For only $123 this package could be had to “spice up” the appearance of the Nova. It added Rally wheels and a blackout grille – both of which gave the car a more aggressive look. One of the nicest features of the SS is that Chevy allowed buyers to order it with any of the available engines, not just the V8.

In 1973, the Chevy Nova ss was extremely popular with 35,542 packages being installed and sold. This made it the best selling model in Chevy Nova history

The base engine in the 1973 Chevy Nova was a 100 horsepower V6. Three V8’s were available including: 115 horsepower, 145 horsepower, and 175 horsepower.

As previously noted, the addition of a hatchback was one of the major changes to the 1973 model lineup. The hatchback was only available on the two door model.

Upgrades to the standard lineup of equipment for the 1973 Chevy Nova were side guard door beams with sound insulation, and a flow through ventilation system. Popular options included a fold down rear seat and sunroof.

Chevrolet built 369,509 1973 Chevy Novas. The price range for this car in new condition ranged from $2,377 to $2,792 based on equipment choices and options.

The 1973 Chevy Nova was a popular car at the time, and collectors consider it a classic in many forms. Although the Nova model spanned many years, those from 1973 are coveted thanks to some of the upgrades and changes that were introduced for the first time in this vehicle.

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