The Plymouth Barracuda is one of the most popular cars in the muscle car community. Despite it being a fast and powerful car, it was also very cheap, which made it popular for almost all age groups. The 69 Barracuda marked the last production year of the second generation of the Barracuda. With the next production year, the third generation started which was profoundly different from the 69 Barracuda and its previous models as well.

The changes that Plymouth introduced for the 1969 Barracuda included only minor features. The side markers were changed from a round shape to a rectangular; the grill received a change in design as well as the tail light. Again, as with almost every new production year, Plymouth made changes to the engines that were available. Besides the Formula S package, Plymouth also introduced the ‘Cuda package.

The ‘Cuda package was offered with the 383Ci, the 340Ci or the 440Ci engine. The ‘Cuda was considered a straight line racing model. The Formula S model was still available with the 383Ci and the 340Ci engines. The ‘Cuda was only available as a coupe, while the Formula S was also available as a convertible. Besides the large and powerful engine choices, the ‘Cuda package also consisted of a dual exhaust with chrome tips, a four speed manual transmission and an even firmer rally suspensions (compared to the Formula S rally suspension). Exterior wise, the ‘Cuda package also featured simulated hood scoops, a black grill as well as black accent stripes and black stickers showing what engine was placed under the hood.

The 1969 Plymouth Barracuda was a very brutal car. It was very fast and was able to sprint the quarter mile in under 14 seconds (if the 440Ci engine was installed). The price for this amazing performance was comfort or a comfortable ride though, as many luxury add-ons had to be left out due to space restrictions under the hood because of the large 440Ci engine. The 1969 Barraucda was often called a gentleman’s sports car but in reality it wasn’t as it did not offer anything that a real gentleman would purchase in a car besides the speed. The Barracuda was an amazing and very successful car on the race track, but because of Plymouths emphasis on speed and power and a true lack of comfort, they lost a great deal of potential customers.

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