With the new 69 Impala Chevy had given a new approach to their legendary cars. Other full sized models and also this model went through a lot of redesigning processes which sculpted their looks, especially the body sides and they also got a slight change in the longevity of their appearance. The wheelbases weren’t changed that much and they were now 3 inches longer than those of the 4 door Chevelles, measuring 119 inches.

Each wheel’s fenders had been well taken care of and redesigned to properly fit the new profile of this car. The brochures around that time were boasting about its classy looks and its performance. They were also running commercials stating that “We’re out to put everybody on Easy Street”. The new Impalas had vinyl insert body moldings and they also had hideaway wipers. The electric rear window defogger was an option which only the Caprice and Impala coupes benefited from. On the steering columns the ignition switches were successfully mounted.

When it came to the engine, it sported out a mere 155 HP, on a 250 CID 6, but there was also a more powerful version of it which was 327 CID and had very big increase in HP, totaling a number of 235 BHP. With this year’s edition, you could acquire the SS package at a price that went up to $422. In total there were only 2455 custom coupes, convertibles and Sport Coupes ordered. Also there was a 390 HP engine which gave the Super Sport cars an SS 427 designation.