The 74 Challenger was not much different from the previously launched models. This was the year when production halted and was resumed in 1978. The rallye model now also had a beautiful grill in black hue and stripes coming from the front fenders.

The 340 engine was now replaced by a brand new 360 V8 engine which was capable of giving two hundred and forty five horsepower. The 1974 Dodge Challenger was available for a limited time as production was stopped in this year. Around sixteen thousand models were manufactured in ‘74. Some of the hues this 1974 Challenger came in were golden fawn, bright red, parchment and yellow blaze.

Many muscle car enthusiasts love to customize this model and love to trick out and add that extra zing to their car. Here is the process I use to customize many of these models:

  • The first step involves replacing the old suspension with springs and shocks. The riding height of a Challenger is slightly on the higher side which is a plus point.
  • Next is the process of upgrading the brakes. You can use slotted and performance tilting brake pads. Good quality brakes ensure that balancing of your Challenger is correct.
  • A powerful engine is a must. For this you need to increase the motor’s horsepower which can be done by reprogramming of the electronic control unit.
  • Then take into account the wheels and the tires. You can fit in nice looking alloy wheels thanks to the large diameter of the rack.
  • For the body you can use steel inserts for the bumpers, front light and taillight setting so that your Challenger stands out completely. A fresh new steel grill will also beautify your car.
  • Lastly do up the interiors. Many accessories are available which look really hot. Steel door trims and luxurious mats can perk up the oomph factor.

After you do these mods, your Dodge Challenger will look incredible and every time you drive it people will definitely check out your sexy new beast.

The 74 Challenger had a strong position in the lot of pony cars present in that time. Though the 1974 Dodge Challenger was available just for a short period, it was admired by many.