The 78 Firebird proved to be one of the greatest models that Pontiac had ever produced in regards to Hp. The same peaks and valleys could be found on the exterior lines but one of the greatest details that this model would be known for would be its amazing handling and horse power.

Even though developing horse power had not been a priority anymore with most of the American manufacturers, because of the emissions laws, Pontiac continued to try and push the limits for what they could pack into the Firebird.

Thus for the first time in many years, with the 78 model horse power had finally started to go up. But power was not the only performance based improvement made in the 1978 Firebird, another one was handling. This is because the American consumer had been clamoring for more control and better handling vehicles. Pontiac heard their pleas and would deliver in a big way.

Appearance was minded too and for that there was a new set of grilles used and the honey comb ones were replaced by a cross hatch arrangement. The grills were painted in gloss black and featured chrome bezels.

Another change was focused on the logos of the Trans Am and it rendered it to be less angular and softer than the models of previous years. The SE models were given a decal while the other mainstream models would receive chromed firebirds emblems.

When it came to colors, the exterior color options had a huge change. There was no more Buccaneer Red anymore. Instead, it was a strange color that replaced it, and that color was Mayan Red. It wasn’t orange, and it wasn’t red either, it was something in between.

Because they had great success with the gold and black SE they decided to take another chance and thus they came up with the solar gold with black accents series.

All in all the 1978 Firebird really turned out to be a great success for the company.