The 74 Charger was much like the previous 1973 Charger in terms of performance and style but had a sporty feel to it. The 1974 Dodge Charger came with a new exclusive grille and much bigger quarter pane windows. The latter feature was added to abide by with the new rules. The 1974 Charger was the last addition in the third generation of dodge chargers. The year 1974 also marked the end of the real muscle car age mainly due to harder emission rules and rising cost of insurance.

The 1974 Dodge Charger was focused more on lavishness rather than concentrating on performance. The rallye package was discontinued from this year. The most powerful engine available in this year was the four hundred and forty magnum. The special edition trim was a hot favourite among everyone. It came with a four hundred cc and was capable of giving two hundred and sixty horsepower. This dodge charger model was really comfortable and truly luxurious in every aspect.