The 74 Duster wasn’t anything special in my humble opinion, but others would disagree with me. However, throughout its time it really stacked up to a lot of competitors and it proved to be a reliable car which also came with a great variety of options compared to others of its time. The power this muscle car would sport was more than enough even for the most demanding users and when it came to the prices, well this was just one of the best things about it. It wasn’t very expensive and that’s why many people could afford to buy it.

Even though until 1976 the Duster series didn’t undergo many changes, in1974 the new model would not resemble the early years of this car’s history. This 74 Duster was more like the 1973 models. One of the biggest changes that this car had been through, which is also the main difference between other models, is that it had its engine changed from the 340 to the 350. This new 360 engine was powerful enough and if you wanted you could also buy the 3.55 gears which were available and also the Hurst shifted four speed.