The 1972 Chevy Nova was pretty much the same car as the previous year. Of course, Chevrolet made sure that they changed things just a bit to keep the public happy. Although you may have a hard time distinguishing the two model years, once you get up close and personal you will realize that there were some changes.

The most important thing to note is that both the SS and Rally Nova packages were carried over from 1971. These were popular options in ’71, and for this reason Chevy decided to make them available the next year as well. And good thing they did. It is these cars that collectors of today’s world are looking for – many consider them to be classics.

Halfway through the model year Chevy decided to add some more options to the Nova to spice things up a bit. On two door models a sunroof option was added; this is something that many people had been wondering about the year before. Also, the low back bucket seat design that was previously available on the coupes was swapped out for the high back design that had become so popular thanks to their inclusion in the Vega and Camaro.

After 1972 the Rally Nova option would be discontinued, until 1977. This trim level took the appearance of the 1972 Nova to the next level by adding white or black stripes, Rally Wheels, and a Rally Nova badge on the hood. Although these were only subtle changes, they gave this version of the car a different look than the base models.

The 250 V6 engine was standard in the 1972 Nova. Two V8 engines were available: a 307 cu inch and a 350 cu inch – both offered much more power than the base V6.

One thing of interest about the 1972 Chevy Nova is that it looked the same as several other cars on the road. This is because other divisions of General Motors began to rebadge the Nova under other brands. They included: Oldsmobile Omega, Buick Apollo, and Pontiac Ventura II.

Although the 1972 Chevy Nova was quite similar to the 1971, it still holds a place in car history. Many collectors consider this model a classic, especially in the Rally Nova or SS trim. There may be more popular cars from the past, but the 1972 Chevy Nova ss was a good choice then and is still drawing attention from car enthusiasts the world over.

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