When the 72 Cutlass emerged onto the scene there was a great impact that this car caused. It would represent a new model for the Cutlass series, which would prove to be more reliable and more powerful overall. The interior had been redesigned and it would meet the standards people would expect from a Cutlass. This model was another gem from Olds.

The 1972 Cutlass was the top of the line in the F85 line from Oldsmobile. So it was that in a few years the Cutlass brand was to be known as a resonant name that would be very well respected in the world of car manufacturing. The Cutlass would soon to be used as a sub marquee within the 80s and thus there were a few lines of vehicles which would use this name. These were the Cutlass Ciera (midsized car), the Cutlass Supreme (midsize), The Cutlass Calais (compact car) and the Cutlass Cruiser station wagon.

There were a few changes for the 72 model and these included the reversion of the 442 back to a trim line (W29 option). Other changes included redesigns of the tail lights and the grilles.

The Cutlass Supreme notchback hardtop was used for this year’s model release and it would also use a convertible body. The Indianapolis 500 would use a Olds Cutlass 442 Engine and there were around 630 replicas built by Olds and about 25% were convertibles. There was also a halt for the straight 6 engine but it would be soon return in 1975.

Thus when we’re talking about the F85 series (the low line) things would get down to just a singe 4 door sedan and nothing changed during the year of 1972 because the sales were poor. As a result, the F85 would cease to be used.