The 69 Coronet was yet another superb automobile from Chrysler. This model came with the four hundred and forty cubic inch V8 six pack now. This engine was capable of giving three hundred and ninety units of horsepower and could take the car from zero to sixty in matter of just 6.6 seconds. The four hundred and twenty six engine was still present and came with four hundred and twenty five horsepower. Also available was the four hundred and forty cubic inch engine which was able to give three hundred and seventy five horsepower.

In 1969 sales faced a declining trend so only seven thousand two hundred and forty Coronets were produced by the company. In terms of style the 1969 Dodge Coronet didn’t change much from the previous models. The Dodge Coronet road and track and also the Super Bee models came with four hundred and twenty six cubic inch hemi V8 engine. Both had the option of a twin door coupe. Around one hundred and sixty of the coupes were produced in this year. The number of two door hardtops totaled to ninety four.

The 1969 Coronet road and track model could be either picked in hardtop or as a convertible option. The ramcharger air system came as an option with two hood scoop. The four hundred and forty cubic inch was standard but one could also go in for the hemi engine by shelling out four hundred and eighteen dollars. Now one could obtain the four speed manual transmission as an option. There was a huge variety of rear axle ratio in the 1969 model as well. If one wanted to improvise the standard ratio he could go for the performance axle option. The 1969 Dodge Coronet twin door hardtop model had a price tag of three thousand four hundred and forty two dollars and you needed to pay out three thousand six hundred and sixty dollars if you wanted to go in for the 1969 Coronet convertible model.

The 69 Coronet was without a doubt an incredible automobile from all aspects. It had an exceptionality, which made it stand out among other cars in its class, and was a favorite of many car buffs.