The 73 Duster had a beautiful design and amazing raw power, which would ultimately satisfy even the most demanding muscle car fanatics. This is one of my favorite models, but I rarely see it on the road, as it wasn’t as popular as the other pony cars of its era. However, I decided to restore a model I had found on Craiglist.

This car’s engine was a 340 engine, which packed enough horse power to get your heart pumping and quell anyone’s thirst for speed. When you look at the engine and it’s specs, I always think this model had a great exhaust system. We’re talking about a Jet Hot coated Dyno Max headers which are bolted the 2 1/2-inch exhaust system which is using Flormaster mufflers.

The interior of this car was rather simple; it featured a cream colored interior which was spacey enough to fit a few of your friends without them feeling like the walls are closing in on them. The materials the seats were ok, but they were high quality back then obviously. However, they have been touched by time and they need a little stitching here and there.

The tires of my Plymouth 1973 Duster needed completely replaced and I went with some simple GoodYears to save on restoration costs.

I had my car fixed a little and I removed all of the unnecessary floor metal and also I had the body braced so it would not distort having the sheet metal support missing. The frame rails of this car were built out of 120 inch thick steel box tubing and they were carefully welded across the entire floor length. That’s how my 73 Duster became a full framed Duster. The tires were replaced and they are also a sure Grip as the originals and the rear has been narrowed down by 10 inches to facilitate support.

All in all my Plymouth Duster is a wonderful car and while it still need a lot more work and my wife makes fun of it, it still makes me beam with pride every time I look at it!

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