Plymouth was one of the best car producers around their time and they had a lot of customers excited with their powerful car models and their features. In fact, you would have to have lived in that time and age to truly understood just how special a muscle car such as the 69 GTX truly was. These cars featured a lot of horsepower but that they weren’t as hard to handle as many of their competitors. In fact, they were one of the most demanded cars around because of the safety they would provide on the road because of their sturdy construction.

Plymouth was a competitive manufacturer from the beginning and pulled out all the stops to become on of the top muscle car producers in the 60s and 70s.

When they emerged with the 69 GTX model things really took a fast, but positive turn for Plymouth. I’m not saying that they were having problems putting out great cars, but this particular model would prove to make a great difference, like many other Plymouth models had achieved.

With this model there were some minor physical changes made when it came to the choices of rear axles, as they were increased. The main difference between the Plymouth 69 GTX and the previous models was the fact that it came with a 440+6 engine option. This engine would prove to be very powerful and it would sport out a lot of torque. It had successfully achieved the replacement of the standard four barrel carburetor with three carburetors which featured two barrels each. When talking about the horsepower, it was quite impressive back then and anyone out there and today would be impressed by the staggering 390 HP this model would feature. Compared to the 440s engine, there was a 15 horse power difference noted.

When it came to the hood, the new Air Grabber would come in line, which would have air intakes featured through the hood scoops. The driver would be able to have these babies controlled from the car’s dash. This new Plymouth model had massive appeal. Plymouth soon announced a total of 15,602 models sold which was an impressive number nonetheless, given the fact that car insurance was pretty expensive back then and not many would be able to afford to have a car in general, let alone a powerful muscle car with amazing features.

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