In the 60s and 70s, Plymouth was a major player in the muscle car game. It has produced many successful models, like the 69 GTX or the Belvedere two door models which were nonetheless a great buy for any new car owner. Furthermore, they continued their legacy and didn’t stop at just a few good models and were always trying to push the envelope of innovation and design.. Having their mission well defined in satisfying even the most demanding drivers out there, the engineers and designers of the Plymouth Company had worked hard on developing more and more of their previous models and that’s how the 70 GTX came to be.

For the 1970 GTX one of the things this new car model had updated was the rear and the grill. With all the modifications and designs which were brought about, this model really looked sharp. Other things that this model could brag about were the much cleaner looking hood scoop and greatly updated hood. Also there was a simulated scoop added to the quarter panel, which could be easily detracted from the nice lines the previous years model had.

After so many modifications and specs had been revised, it was also the time again to have something modified when it came to the engine. Thus after a four year period Plymouth had finally decided to add a third engine option when it came to their GTX model. Now everyone interested in acquiring such a powerful car would have the option of choosing from the 440 Super Commando, the 426 Hemi, and the 440 Six Barrel. When it came to the 440 Six Barrel, this little beast had a trio of 2 barrel carburetors which was mounted on aluminum Edelbrock manifold.

To keep up with the legacy Plymouth had carved, they had to keep on holding to the performance theme which all of the previous GTX models came with, and that’s why the manufacturer’s best suspension sets were implemented. This was the exact suspension set which you could find available when purchasing the Hemi equipped models.

All things considered, this new model really packed a lot of options and the fact that it had a new engine model, really had buyers waiting in line.

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