Being one of the most influential companies in the car industry, Plymouth had set a high standard when it came to producing cars. They made history with the various models they manufactured and didn’t want to rest on their laurels. Continuing the legacy their customers had come to expect, Plymouth produced the 71 GTX model with features they had never offered before.

That’s why the 1971 Plymouth GTX 440+6 was one of the more popular cars of 1971. It had a great look and it was that type of car which looked mean and packed a lot of horse power; enough to have your adrenaline pumping through the roof. It was a sweet car indeed and there were even people whom claimed that it was their best model to date.

This new model was a great option considering the fact that it wasn’t as pricey as other models Plymouth had been producing over the years. It was a part of the revamped midsize line of Chrysler and when it came to the fuselage, it was a curvaceous styled one, which ran on a wheelbase that was 1 inch shorter than previous ones. The new body also had things changed up a bit and that’s why there was a 3 inch increase when it came to the rear track. This would be a big improvement over the way the car handled.

The interior of the 71 GTX was also modified and when compared to the interiors of the previous models, a better accent was put on the ergonomics which included changes involving the driving position, to facilitate a greater comfort for long road trips. The performance was also a bit affected because with this new model, the weight has also been increased.

All things considered this new model really showed that Plymouth was on their game. The Plymouth GTX proved to be a step forward for the company and even though there were other models produced which were more popular, this one should not be overlooked for it’s hand in helping Plymouth build a powerful legacy.

Even though it was a good model, 1971 was the last year for this make to see the assembly line.

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