The 70 Super Bee underwent some restyling so that it could look different from the Coronet. The rear fender ladles were not a standard feature in this Dodge Super Bee. The taillights of the 1970 Dodge Super Bee were divided in a horizontal manner. This Dodge Super Bee came with a new unique option of a stylish spoiler. The 1970 Super Bee was available in different tones like go mango and plum crazy.

This model was a power packed automobile with a glossy design and was priced reasonably If you want to restore this model, please keep in mind the below noted points:

  • This whole process calls for a great amount of time, can be quite expensive and lot of effort is required so make sure the process is worth it. Advice of an expert should be taken so it would be good if you could get an inspection done at a reputed shop. They will charge a small fee for this service. Paying this little fee is more feasible than investing in project which won’t be fixable.
  • The best option is if the whole process is done by professionals who can restore your Super Bee to its original glory. You might have to shell out a good amount of cash for this, but once you see the results you will surely feel every penny was well worth it.
  • Now if you don’t have the cash to have it restored professionally,you can get a reinstatement guide and do it yourself. Such a guide will make you familiar with all necessary steps.
  • Make sure you don’t skip any steps. Frame up is something you should begin with. Make sure all traces of corrosion are removed properly so that your 1970 Super Bee remains in good shape.
  • Avoid changing the engine until it’s really necessary.
  • Try and use the original stock parts. Original parts augment the value of an automobile.

These above mentioned pointers are just a quick guide for any new muscle car enthusiast looking to restore your 70 Super Bee or any muscle car for that matter. Make sure you do a thorough study of restoration tips and remember to have fun if you plan to tackle this project yourself. The process of restoring your Dodge Super Bee is not very easy. What matters in the end is that you are building your dream car and especially when you do it yourself, you will have the satisfaction and pride of knowing your hard work paid off, every time you glance in your driveway.

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