The 70 Coronet which was manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation had a similar engine setup like that of the previous models, but changes were made to improve the look of the 70 model. The four hundred and forty six bbl engine made a comeback with the 1970 Dodge Coronet but was available only as an option for both the road and track model and the Super Bee model.

In 1970, the road and track model came with a unique front end sheeting of metal. It also had a nice new grille, which was in a split style and also back fender scoop with sweet road and track symbols. The 1970 model also had a cool bumble stripe all over the back of the car. It came in both hardtop and convertible style like the previous 1969 model. The four hundred forty six pack engine and also the four hundred and twenty six hemi were now optional. One could also get the four speed manual transmission as an option as well. The great hardwearing suspension was a carry over from the previous 1969 model.

The 1970 Dodge Coronet road and track model came in thirteen standard hues. One also had the choice of five high impact tones which included the sublime, banana, hemi orange, go mango and the plum crazy. Options were also available for getting a vinyl roof in green, black, grain or the white hue. 1970 was the last time when the Dodge Coronet was manufactured. In the next year the Coronet was only offered as a station wagon or a four-door sedan. The 1970 road and track two door hardtop had a price label of three thousand five hundred and sixty nine dollars and the convertible ram for three thousand seven hundred and eighty five dollars. Almost two thousand three hundred models of the road and track hardtop models were produced in 1970 and ninety six of the convertible model were manufactured.

The 70 Coronet was an amazing power packed automobile that signaled the end of the line for such a well admired car.

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