Buick was an important and resonant name in the American automobile market, including the 69 Skylark. Throughout its long history this manufacturer had created car models which eventually became legendary and they have completely changed they way people look at American muscle cars. Even though some of their older models were produced in small numbers, you can still find some of them on the road today, somewhere in the US. You wouldn’t be able to find them from your local dealer, but if you know just the right door to knock on you could find the models you want.

Even though General Motors had some stringent rules up on the automobile market, they later on changed their mind and had those rules lifted off the books and they would finally have 400 CID engines authorized. This was something which would be of a great importance on the automobile market and car manufacturers seized this moment in order to begin developing of stronger, more powerful cars. Buick also was not the last one in the bunch and it seized this chance in order to have thier 69 Skylark Gran Sport launched on the market.

Thus the engine their model featured would pack 401 CID when talking about the intermediary segment of their car production. Nevertheless, they soon decided it’s better to have the name changed so they soon went with just “400” for the V8. Their massive engine was not alone in the quest for market domination, it was also paired by dual exhausts and a heavy duty radiator and it bulged a whooping 325 HP, just like the full size models Buick was producing.

But for Buick this meant something more than just undergoing an engine transplant. For better rigidity, any of the 65 Buick Skylark, regardless if it was the pillared coupe, the hardtop or the convertible, they all benefited from the convertible’s beefed up frame which provided better rigidity and also heavy duty springs and specially valve shocks.

If you decided to go with the Gran Sport package, you were in for a 3 speed manual and had to pay $253 for it. If you were curious about something more powerful and refined, then with an extra $420 you could get the 4 speed manual. The 2 speed super turbine 300 automatic was yours for just $457.

With this year’s release, Buick really managed to top some of the sales in the American muscle car market.

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