The Buick Riviera was a great generation of cars which appealed to the every day traveler and the 65 Riviera was no different. These models were complimented by great engine power and a very nice aspect over all. The interior was also very well received by the people and when it came to performance, this car would definitely not disappoint. Even if you would be a fan of this brand, an opposing manufacturer or just an amateur, only by looking at it you would soon understand that there was something special about this car which was impossible to find in other models. It just had something that would draw people to it.

Thus the first generation of Rivieras were just a work of art, and they were rendered the title of classic American muscle cars. They were the result of the great imagination of some of the best designers from General Motors who really proved once again that they can do wonders when working 100% on a project. But this was not only the effort of the designers. There had also been a lot of effort put into advertising and getting this car to be known to the public in the best available commercial formats of the time. Therefore for this car a very good and efficient image promoting method had been groomed in order to kick up the sales.

The first luxury car that Buick had built would prove to be as a response to the amazing success that Ford had with its series of muscle cars at that time. This car which was code named the “Squarebird” was introduced in 1958 and its looks were tremendously similar to that of other cars General Motors has designed. This model was especially similar in terms of the interior layout, size and concept.

It is clear that there are no clues saying that a 4 seat Thunderbird would be nevertheless offered by Ford, and this was because partly it was thought that General Motors had something like the Chevrolet Biscayne fielded and this was a car which featured very elegant bucket seat interiors and compact dimensions.

All in all, the 65 Riviera proved to be a good car and it really stood up to the legacy that was compacted before it.

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