The 65 Comet proved to be a solid contender when it first stepped into the American muscle car scene. There was a new class of car emerging (intermediates) even though the 65 Comets would cars to have some of the biggest compacts you could find in the United State’s market. Thus a lot of people would choose to go with these models back in the sixties.

But their glory would prove to go beyond everything the manufacturer has ever expected and thus 10 years from their launching night, they would become some of the most popular cars when it comes to sales, and even though minivans, sport utilities and pickups would have taken their toll on the car’s dominance, the manufacturers did not forget that in order to have success they need a good midsize car in their catalogue.

Thus the1965 Mercury Comet has been prone to some cornering back in ’64 when the intermediate class of cars would get on the market in great numbers. They were demoralized for they have already tried their luck with the midsized car, 1962-1963 Meteor.

So things were going very bad for the car manufacturer and as a result to this sales began to drop significantly. The Comet though, when it comes to the typical practice of Ford’s Motor Company, was a the most expensive variant of some concurrent Ford model (in our case it is the Fairlane) which was launched back in 1962, as a stratagem which had the goal to get the price and size gap of models like the Ford Galaxie and Falcon, filled.

When compared to the Falcon the 1965 Comet would have the upper hand when it comes to the underbody kinship, and at the same time it succeeded in having the boundaries of the compact car concept stretched. The total production of the Meteor was stacked up to 120.000 pieces.

Thus when it comes to the wheelbase, the wagons could be found having the same 109.5 inch length like the Falcons but when we are talking about the 2 door and 4 door sedans, their length would be increased reaching 114 inches.  This would be in a time where other compact cars would have a length that would not go over 110 inches and the Studebaker Lark wagons would not go beyond 113 inches.

Thus the Comet was a good car to come on the American market and it really was worth the buy.

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