What is it about the 1970 Chevelle that makes it a timeless classic? While this question is not always easy to answer, one thing is for sure: the 1970 Chevelle ss is one of the most sought after. Although the Chevelle was manufactured from 1964 to 1977, some of the model years receive more attention than the others – this is where the car from 1970 comes into play.

As the 1970’s began, muscle cars in America really began to take off. Chevy was at the forefront of this movement, and looking back it is easy to see that they were quite successful in most of their efforts. With the help of the 1970 Chevelle, the muscle car era of the 1970’s got off to a great start. Even in today’s day and age, car lovers can see just how far ahead of the times this car really was.

Of course, some versions of the 70 Chevelle are considered better than the rest. That being said, all of them have a lot to offer. The 70 Chevelle SS 454 is what many people think about when it comes to class muscle cars of the early 70’s. With a 454-cid V-8 this car packed 360 bhp. This was one of the best muscle cars every bit – no wonder it is considered a classic by many.

What makes the 1970 Chevelle so different than those that came before it? First things first, the car received a new design and a more powerful engine. Just like any new car, design and power are very important. When compared to Chevelles from 1964 to 1969, it was easy to see that this one took a giant step forward.

Even though the SS 454 package cost an additional $503, it was a popular upgrade. As you can imagine, this is the version of the 1970 Chevelle that many people are searching for. Believe it or not, no production engine ever had a higher horsepower rating. Again, this is the car that really started the muscle car revolution.

At the time, the base price of a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 was $3,800. This car in today’s world, if in good condition, will sell for many times the original price.

With a 450 horsepower V-8, this car can go from 0-60 in 6.1 seconds and cover the quarter mile in 13.7 seconds at 103 miles per hour.

The 1970 Chevelle was the first real muscle car of the decade. Over the years this car has continued to be a favorite, and is now considered a classic.

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