Now that we are well into 2009 we finally have all three new muscle cars on the road; the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Camaro. With the exception of a pony car being available from Chrysler, what we have is a continuing muscle car war from the big three manufactures that has been recurring since 1967. Granted, the GM F-bodies have not been available the last few years, but now that everyone is back in the game it has to be called into question; will these new performance cars stand the test of time better than their predecessors. Also, will these cars hold value better then the generations before?

The short answer will be, yes. Take the Ford Mustang for example. Even though the car has been in steady production since 1964, the buzz surrounding the existing S197 Mustang introduced in 2005 almost rivals the original design series of 1964 to 1970 that most all Mustang aficionados refer to as the ‘classic’ Mustang. What does this mean for long term Mustang values? More than likely, the S197 Mustang will retain both its value and road life for a long time. Why? Because the youth market clamors for the car; even the basic V6 powered S197 Mustang will find it’s road use extended well beyond its normal life expectancy since the car is so popular among young males and females.

The all new Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger are in a similar position. The Camaro is the everyman’s car; it’s popularity will rise and fall, ebb and flow, but since the new Camaro is a well engineered car that delivers better gas mileage then it’s competitors (in V6 trim) the Camaro will also enjoy a very long road life. As for the Challenger, it is the rarest of the new muscle cars and very popular among young men and journalists. In a sense, it is the ‘bad boy’ option. The Challenger will always be behind the Mustang and Camaro in sales despite its popularity. Due to this air of exclusivity, the long term outlook for the Dodge Challenger is that it will retain its value far better then its competitors and gain classic status much sooner.

Tom Carillo is an avid muscle car fan. You can read all about the new Camaros and other fun muscle cars at his website.