Do you believe that you have a classic car on your hands? Have you been treating your vehicle right for many years and now believe that it should classify as a classic? If so, you are like millions of people across the world. For many, classic cars are a way of life. This is something they enjoy, and it is their dream to have one of their own. But before we go any further, remember this: just because a car is old and in good shape does not mean it can be considered a classic.

Before we get started it is important to know that classic car prices are determined by many variables, other than just age.

When a car is built it is not meant to become a classic. Do you think Ford and Chevrolet were trying to build old classic cars in the 1930’s and 40’s? Of course not. Instead, they simply wanted to produce vehicles that consumers would want to buy. That being said, circumstances changed over the years and many cars that were built during this time period are now considered classics.

It can be difficult to determine what makes a car a classic because there are so many definitions. For instance, some people put particular age limits on classics. There is a large group who feels that the only true classics are those that were built between the years of 1925 and 1948. Others define a car as being classic in general terms such as one that retains its appeal long after it has been produced for the last time. In today’s day and age, a common definition of a classic is anything that is more than 20 years old. Although this may make a car an antique, calling anything older than 20 years a classic does not make a lot of sense.

A classic car must have good looks, handle well, and above all else, be desirable. A 20 year old Ford is not going to be desirable to most people. That being said, one that was produced in the 40’s is going to have much more appeal to the masses.

In closing, what makes a car a classic in your eyes may not be the same to another person. Age does matter, and for some people this is good enough. For others, a classic is something more. What is your definition of a classic? Better yet, do you own one?

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