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History of the Ford Mustang

Even though the 1972 Ford Mustang did not look much different on the surface than its predecessors, upon digging deep it was easy to see that many changes were made. By 1972, Ford had lost some market share and the Mustang was looking to make up some ground. Click here to read more about the 1972 Ford Mustang

By the time the 1969 Ford Mustang was ready to hit the streets, this model had lost some of its mystique. Simply put, Ford was in a “put up or shut up” position. Fortunately for them, they put up in a big way. The 1969 Ford Mustang was a huge hit, and many of today’s car enthusiasts consider the model to be a classic. Click here to read more about the 1969 Ford Mustang

As Ford was getting ready to debut its 1965 Mustang, including the 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, the company was confident that it had a winner. Of course, they had to let the country know just how much this amazing car had to offer. This led to a large scale marketing blitz that eventually made this sports car one of the most well known and discussed from one side of the US to the next. Click here to read more about the 1965 Ford Mustang

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