The 1967 Chevy Impala again road in the footsteps of its predecessors. Just like other Impala models, this one was also a good car which featured all of the options and details that made this series so popular and had a lot of people willing to drop their hard earned cash.

This particular model happened to be the one hundred millionth car which was built by General Motors in the US. If it was a coincidence or if it was planned, I guess we will never know, but the one thing we can be sure of is that it came with some pretty nice improvements which left customers begging for more.

This car’s design and construction process were housed by the Janesville facility which was located in Wisconsin and the date for its first hours was the 21st of April 1967. This model had a few features borrowed from the Caprice Coupe which was the exquisite formal roofline. You could also have this model with a vinyl top which was optional and a thing that sets this model apart is that the silhouette was never to be found in other Chevrolet models.

Being remade and looking like they had been newly re-bodied, the 1967 Impalas were a little different when compared with the models built before them. Talking about the dimensions, the engineers didn’t quite change them dramatically and the wheel base was just 4 inches longer when compared wit the mid sized Chevelle.

The Super Sports though weren’t as decorated as the other Impala models but they nonetheless featured a black accented body side, some nice black grille accents and also rear fender moldings. There were fewer and fewer models which had bright work applied on them, either on the outside or on the inside. Thus it came to be that the Convertible and the Sport Coupe had both lacked the wheel well trim.

If you were interested in the 67 Impala, you had the option of choosing between the Strato back benches which had a fold down center armrest or you could go with the vinyl bucket seats which also featured a center console. The Impala coupes’ roofline was very gracefully designed and it featured an uninterrupted line which went straight into the rear deck.

When it came to the engine, it was a 385 HP V8 of 427 CIDs.

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