With the new 1967 Chevelle model, Chevy did not quite bring up a revolutionary new model, instead the SS 396 took some steps forward and a few others back.

The main improvements that the 67 Chevelle improved upon were the drivability and the road handling. The steering and the grip were improved and driving this car now felt smoother and even more secure in terms of direction changing. The new available disk brakes could be taken full advantage of by using the wide ovals. If you wanted to have this option, it did not come as a standard so the only way to have it was to put it on the list of options you would like, and be prepared to spend an extra $79 for it. This new option helped a lot with pedal modulation and stopping power. The well shaped and nicely looking 14 inch slotted wheels were perfectly accompanying the brake discs.

The transmission was a 3 speed manual gearbox which was a standard and if you would crave for more there was also the option of the 4 speed transmission which could be bought at the price of $105. Another popular option was the 2 speed Powerglide automatic, which would have set you back right around $116. Nonetheless, for the first time the 3 speed Turbo Hydra Matic was offered. It really meant a quantum leap compared to the Powerglide and its price was $231.

Because of the federal laws this model had to have a steering column, which would be energy absorbing and also padded instrument panel surfaces. Even so, compared to the GTOs, the panel had a very boring look. On the exterior there weren’t major changes to note. Thus the only things which were redesigned were the grille and bumper and on top of that there was a blackout tail panel added. The hood lovers were probably less than enthused about these changes.

Yet there was a 325 BHP version of the 396 CID V8 which was rendered as standard, but if you chose to have the L34 upgrade for another $105 more, you would lose 10 BHP and would only sport out 350 HP. Thus in a 2nd under-hood swap the 375 BHP L78 was not appearing in any of the sales brochures anymore. Instead it remained as a dealer installed conversion, which would have a base price of $476 and would be present in 612 cars.

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